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The Herrajes Sáiz Company belives that the quality of our products and services determines the level of satisfaction our customers enjoy, and the strength of their confidence in us. 

The ultimate goal of our quality policy is the enhancement our brand value. In this understanding, the quality of our products is our mains goal. Thus, our products are made under strict quality controls starting with the careful selection of raw materials, and continuing with the strictest controls in every production step. 

The quality policy is based on our specialized and motivated human resources. 

Our just-in-time product delivery is a part of our quality programme. The manufactured products are supplied whenever the customers demand them. 

We stamps in cool cutting from sheet, on demand and according to drawing or samples, any type of piece, up to effort of 160 Tm. 

We also make accesories for metallic fences. 

The Company is involved in a continue improvement processes concerning human and material resources to offer our customers just-in-time higher quality products at the most competitive prices.
Our dedicated technical services team is available for any queries ou may have regarding our products. Please contact with us and help us to satisfy your needs. We will provide proper solutions to your needs offering you high quality products at best prices. 

The catalogue represents only a part of our manufactured products. Please, do not heasitate to contact us in case you do not find the product that fits your needs. We will work hard to offer you an accurate and quickly solution.
Your enquiries, ideas, suggestions and orders are always welcome.
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